SIMALUBE AUTO GREASER (30 | 60 | 125 | 250)

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Single point gas driven automatic lubricator 
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Simalube Single Point Gas Driven Lubricator (30, 60, 125, 250 ml)

Product Description

The simalube lubricator provides automatic lubrication over a period of one month to a year and can be adjusted in an infinitely variable manner. simalube supplies every lubricating point with the ideal amount of lubricant – be it oil or grease – so that subsequent manual lubrication is no longer needed and maintenance costs are reduced in the long term.
SL01 Multipurpose grease –30/+120°C Mineral Li/Ca KP2K-30
SL02 Multipurpose grease+MoS2 –25/+130°C Mineral Li KPF2K-20
SL04 High temperature grease –20/+160°C Mineral Be K2P-20
SL06 Fluid grease –20/+120°C Mineral Li/Ca GP0G-20
SL09 Biodegradable grease –20/80/100°C Ester Li/Ca KPE2G-20
SL10 Food industry grease –30/+140°C Synthetic Al/Com. KPHC2N-30
SL14 Chain oil –10/+90°C Mineral   CGLP68
SL15 High temperature chain oil –30/+250°C Synthetic   CGLPE220-320
SL16 Machine oil –20/+100°C Mineral   CL68, HL68
SL18 Food industry oil –15/+150°C Synthetic   CLPHC220
SL19 Biodegradable chain oil –15/+100°C Ester    
SL24 Multipurpose grease + EP –30/+140°C Mineral Li/Com. KP2N-30
SL25 High temperature grease –20/+160°C Mineral Polyurea KP2R-25
SL26 High performance grease –20/+150°C Mineral Ca/Com. KP1,5N-20

Filled with oil, Simalube is applied for the automatic lubrication of chains, open gears or guide rails
Filled with grease Simalube is applied for the automatic lubrication of rolling bearing

The globally patented simalube® lubricant dispensers reliably provide the individual lubrication points with the required amount of lubricant – 24 hours a day. The dispensers are continuously adjustable for periods of between 1 and 12 months. Make the most of the benefits of the automatic lubricant lubricator:

- Reliable: once installed, the lubrication points are continuously supplied with lubricant and will not be forgotten
- Flexible: you can select the run-time, continuously from 1–12 months
- You can change the run-time setting at any time
- Available in four sizes: 30, 60, 125 and 250 ml
- Simple, environmentally friendly disposal
- No toxic substances are utilised for the production of gas pressure
- Refillable
- The transparent housing permits the progress of the dispensing process to be monitored at all times (quantity control)
- Can be installed in the smallest of spaces
- Hermetically sealed system prevents the ingress of dirt (IP68)
- Ex, GS and FM approvals
- Extensive, user-friendly range of accessories

Available Size
- 30ml
- 60ml
- 125ml
- 250ml

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SIMALUBE AUTO GREASER (30 | 60 | 125 | 250)

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Product Specifications

  • Product SKU :SIMA-SimalubeSL-125ml
  • Weight (GRAM) :500
  • Dimension : 10 CM x 10 CM x 30 CM