Lubrication Training Workshop

DAVOR extensive experience in training maintenance personal and operators will be of great benefit. First-class training facilities and training materials are available in Malaysia.
Training will be provided for operators using special focus on hands on lubrication for example
Using TPM operator training displays  and training aids

Basic Lubricant Knowledge of Operator

~ To differentiate Grease & Oil
- Grease & Oil samples
- NLGI & Viscosity

~ To differentiate Food Grade & Non Food Grade products
- NSF logo
- NSF certificate, NSF Website
- H1 & H2 description

~ Lubrication Tools
- Grease gun metering
- Changing of grease gun cartridge
- Handling of automatic lubricators
- Refilling of automatic lubricators
- Good lubrication practices

Training of maintenance engineering staff
  • Tribology engineering
  • Lubricating Oils
  • Lubricating Greases
  • Lubrication of Rolling Bearings, Gear, Chain, Compressor
  • General Maintenance Practice